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TC Electronic TonePrint Rottweiler Distortion

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In 2011, TC Electronic introduced several stomp boxes that employed its TonePrint technology, which allows users to download new effects programmed by various artists, including well-known players like Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse, Joe Perry and Steve Stevens, from a computer or iPhone/Android smartphone.

Many of these artist downloads proved to be quite popular, so it seemed like only a matter of time before TC combined several of them in one pedal. That’s exactly what the company has done with the John Petrucci Dreamscape Signature TonePrint pedal. The Dreamscape presents six of the Dream Theater guitarist’s custom-tweaked tones in one box. The signature sounds comprise two choruses, two vibratos and two flangers, including Petrucci’s brand-new Vortex Flanger TonePrint. Plus, the pedal has room to store an additional TonePrint download, for a total of seven effects in one compact pedal.

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