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PedalTank RED BURST Distortion

RED BURST Distortion is FX at the sound of Hi-Gain Distortion with strong
inspired character of amps and 5150 Mesa. Rectifier mixed with emphasis on strong; Bass
with a series of Active EQ 3 Band that allows you to adjust for the soundtrack to the
.Easily, whether it is the Blues Rock Hard,,, Rock until Metal

with features of FX this makes you compare virtual amp head foremost possession here
. The response of the Dist is smooth.Allows you to adjust the sound has a rock era 80
since the soundtrack to Modern Rock Metal nothing is better than you. Try to adjust yourself again and

RED BURST Distortion walk True circuit Bypass by ground input
.While not enabled (bypass) had no problems cross signal talk noise of FX
while not open jobs FX.

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